Outstanding stability & strength !

While most waterpoof flooring solutions available
are not warranted for installation in rooms with large
windows and a lot of sunlight, FIRMFIT is!

Soak in the sun on your firmly placed FIRMFIT floor, in any
room of your home.

– 3-Season rooms
– Sunrooms
– And any other room of the house, including kitchens,
bathrooms basements…you name it!

High temperatures
& sunlight

When exposed to high temperatures regular LVT and
even WPC become flexible and planks do not have
enough strength to push each other way.

Meanwhile FIRMFIT™ remains stable even at high
temperatures, and planks are strong enough to push
each other away.

This result in a flat floor no matter what!

2X more STABLE
vs LVT

3X more RIGID vs LVT

Watch what happens when we put 45ft2 / 4m2 of
FIRMFIT and regular LVT of same thickness (4mm in a
climate chamber for 24h with temperatures varying
between a 155°F / 70°C and 35°F / 0°C to simulate
extreme conditions.